Yahoo announces its new instant messenger app for Android and iOS which has the same feature of the Yahoo Chat! It is named as Squirrel. The app has the similar features of the old times popular chat option Yahoo Chat Rooms. The Squirrel has similar options but is a bit upgraded. The app has been developed in keeping the mind about the privacy of the users which are lacked in other instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Viber, Hike Messenger, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Skype and Google Allo. However these apps have their feet firmed in the market currently. It would be difficult for Yahoo to make a comeback and attract people to use the new Yahoo Chat app Squirrel.

So let us discuss about the new instant messaging app Squirrel by Yahoo!

The app has the old Yahoo chat rooms feature. Users of the app can make or enter public chat rooms according to the topics or any other available criteria. This may help in gaining knowledge about a particular thing by coordinating with the people worldwide. The chat rooms can be either public or private. The public chat rooms are available for everyone to enter and have a chat with anyone based on any happening topic of the chat room. The private chat rooms are the groups which are hidden. You can make a chat room private and can add your family, friends or any concerned person to the group. You need to send an invitation in the form of a link which makes them to join the group. If you want to join any private group on Yahoo Squirrel, you need to have an invitation link to join it. Otherwise you are not allowed to join the group. This feature helps in maintaining the privacy of the users because it does not require the access to the user’s contact list. This feature may be attractive a bit to make people join the Yahoo Squirrel.

The Yahoo lost around Three Billion (3,000,000,000) accounts due to a breach of privacy in 2016. Since then Yahoo is strolling hard to be in the top list. This feature of prioritizing privacy may help Yahoo in coming back to the game. there are also various other features like sharing images, videos, audio recordings, documents and files which are similar and are available in the current top instant messaging apps. The outstanding features possessed by Yahoo Squirrel are custom reactions, mentions, public and secret rooms. These features may make the smartphone users to give the app a try.

Download Yahoo Squirrel App latest version

The yahoo Squirrel can be downloaded on any smartphone running on Android or iOS. The app is available on Google Play Store as well as on Apple’s App store. The app is a freeware. That means it can be downloaded and installed for free. As of now, you need an invitation to use the app. Though the app is available on the app stores like Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, all you can do is just download and install the Yahoo Squirrel app. But to use it and get in to access the features, you need an invitation link.

We hope that Yahoo may change this criterion and make the app to be registered and used by the public without any invitation link for the first time. Stay updated and get informed through us in case of any changes are made in to the Yahoo’s instant messaging app “Yahoo Squirrel”.