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If you are not aware of Mymedicalpayments @, let me help you to give a clear idea of this online bill pay portal. MyMedicalPayments is a website where we can pay our medical bills securely, review our account balance and also update our billing address. This article will help you understand how to pay your due medical bills online securely and fastly using the Mymedicalpayments service.

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How can i sign in and pay my bill using

These days many hospitals and health care provides are using third party payment solutions to enable their patients pay the bills online in a secure way. Mymedicalpayments is also one such online billing portal where an user can verify his bill, check balance amount and make his payments. Also to pay bills at, you need not have the trouble of registering or creating an account. You can easily sign In using your Account number and by verifying your identity. You can find this Account number on top right of the Statement of Account provided by the Health care provider or the Hospital. Verification of identity can be done any of the 3 ways.

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  • By entering the Patient’s Date of Birth.
  • By entering the last 4 digits of Patient’s Social Security Number.
  • By entering the Patient’s phone number.

How to contact Mymedicalpayments service provider?

If you have any issues with your payment or you want to contact the customer service provider for any other reasons, you have to visit page. Once you visit the page, enter your details like Account number, first name, last name, phone, email, type your comments and click on submit.

Also we can contact the patient service representative online at 1-800-355-2470, Monday through Friday 9.30AM – 4.00PM. You can use this service, if you face any problem in making payment online or couldnt get a confirmation for the payment done. and are also used to pay health care bills.

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